Marius Hartmer

Johannes Gutenberg-Universität | Mainz


Organic electrosynthesis


Johannes Gutenberg-Universität | Mainz, Germany | September 2012-Present
Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Organic Chemistry
Development of new methods for organic synthesis and industrial process development in the Waldvogel Group

Georg-August-Universität | Göttingen, Germany | June 2012
Master of Science degree in Chemistry
Master thesis in the Tietze Group on Dimeric Duocarmycin Derivatives for a Selective Treatment of Cancer

Stockholm University | Stockholm, Sweden | April-September 2011
Research Student at the Department of Organic Chemistry
Research on Synthesis and Evaluation of Fluoxetine Precursors as Substrates for Dynamic Kinetic Resolution in the Bäckvall Group

Georg-August-Universität | Göttingen, Germany | August 2009
Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry
Bachelor thesis in the Meyer Group on Synthesis of Pyrrole/Pyrazole Hybrid Building Blocks and their Cyclization to New Expanded Porphyrins