"Research group" of colleagues, students and friends of electrochemistry at

ISE meeting in Providence, Rhode Island

Front row: Kevin Moeller, Dennis Peters (deceased, April 2020), Dan Little, Jun-ichi Yoshida (deceased, September 2019), Mrs. Yoshida

Kazuhiro Chiba, Marco Lam, Siegfried Waldvogel, Benjamin Schille, Timo Broese, Christoph Gütz, Tile Gieshoff (back), Hai-Chao Xu, Xisheng Zhang, Robert Francke, Cheng-chu Zeng


  • Proceeding clockwise from the back-left is RDL’s host, Christopher Pantayatiwong Liu (Chris).  To his right is Celine Chen.  Continuing clockwise we find Adam Grosvirt-Dramen and Cliffton Wang.

Farmhouse at Roger’s Gardens in Newport Beach. Proceeding clockwise from the back-left is RDL’s...

How can it be accomplished?

Here's a systematic approach along with an example and details.

  • RDL, Jiri Ludvik, Christian Amatore, Robert Francke

Keynote lecture, Ongoing Interest, Thoughts, and Realizations into the Behavior and Use of...

Manuel M. Baizer Award address, A Perspective on Organic Electrochemistry; 30 June 2022...