"Research group" of colleagues, students and friends of electrochemistry at

ISE meeting in Providence, Rhode Island

Front row: Kevin Moeller, Dennis Peters (deceased, April 2020), Dan Little, Jun-ichi Yoshida (deceased, September 2019), Mrs. Yoshida

Kazuhiro Chiba, Marco Lam, Siegfried Waldvogel, Benjamin Schille, Timo Broese, Christoph Gütz, Tile Gieshoff (back), Hai-Chao Xu, Xisheng Zhang, Robert Francke, Cheng-chu Zeng


Francke, R.; Little, R. D. “Electrons and Holes as Catalysts in Organic Electrosynthesis”, ...

Special issue of ChemElectroChem co-edited with Robert Francke and I. Shinsuke

Randi (Gbur: “Gbur No More”) and Gordon (Gordo Roman) wedding in Sonoma, CA on 26 August 2018...