Robert Francke

Postdoctoral Scholar
Past Member

Office Location

Chem 3222


Organic Electrochemistry

Electroanalytical Chemistry

Organic Synthesis

Electrochemical Energy Storage


2003 - 2008

Studies in chemistry at Bonn University, Germany and Alicante University, Spain; Fellowship of the Theodor-Leymann foundation

2009 - 2012

PhD studies in the group of Dr. Waldvogel, Mainz University, Germany; Title of thesis: “Novel Highly Fluorinated Materials for Energy Storage Devices: From Synthesis to Application” 

2012 - Present

PostDoc in Dr. Little’s group; Research on mediators for indirect electroorganic synthesis; Fellowship of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

June 2014 - Present

Soon to begin independent academic career at the University of Rostock, Germany


Faculty member, University of Rostock, Germany




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